Welcome to the 7th Annual Texas Yoga Conference in Houston, TX!
February 19-21, 2016
India Houston
8888 W. Bellfort Street
Houston, TX 77031
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Justine Gingell

Justine's first memories healing the Human Energy Field (HEF) begin at the age of 4 with her sister. As she grew, she continued to explore my healing and intuitive abilities and felt impassioned to cultivate her skills through Reiki attunement. Now attuned and practicing USUI Reiki at Master level as well as her original practice of Spirit guided Shamanic Reiki, she continues to deepen her understanding and through meditation, presence and reflection. Justine is known for her ability to connect with source, for her success in liberating people from emotional, mental and physical pain and for the deep love, empathy and compassion Justine shares with those she heals.