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February 19-21, 2016
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Cheryl Alexander

Cheryl Alexander began her yoga journey in 1999 with a video tape in her living room. As soon as she finished, she knew, "This is my path; this is my purpose." Cheryl immediately found group classes, began to practice regularly, and then to study to teach. A fellow student invited her to a Bikram Yoga class and again, as soon as she finished the class, she knew, "This is IT. This is THE WAY." From that point on, she dedicated the rest of her life to the healing practice of Bikram Yoga.

While teaching high school at Round Rock Independent School District in Austin, Cheryl began a year-long research project studying the effects of yoga in the classroom. She was thrilled to report her findings to the school district, that where teachers implemented aspects of yoga into the classroom, students' performances were enhanced. From there, as part of a grant program, Cheryl worked with two special population groups implementing yoga into the educational experience. In both cases, students responded amazingly to the yoga and their whole attitude towards school, along with their performance, improved. In addition to being one of the first teachers in the nation to introduce yoga into the public school system as a teaching method, Cheryl also wrote curriculum and had yoga accepted into the schedule as a physical education credit at RRISD.

Since then, Cheryl continues to practice consistently and has taught Bikram's yoga to students at Bikram studios all over the United States, even serving on staff at the renowned Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. 

In 2013, Cheryl became owner of Bikram Yoga Sugar Land, realizing a vision she had been working towards since she experienced that first Bikram Yoga class years before. 

Cheryl believes passionately in the Hatha Yoga method of healing the body, strengthening the mind and calming the spirit. She is insightful, inspired and enthusiastic about sharing the yoga that has so beautifully enhanced her own life. When Cheryl is not at the yoga studio, she works as a free-lance writer whose work has been published in magazines and other print throughout the Houston metropolitan area.